Wednesday 11 February 2015

Wireless cell phone charging

Posted at 10:08 AM

Wireless cell phone charging

How does wireless charging work?  Using "Qi" (chi) Technology - noun - Chinese for "energy".  

Experience a new level of convenience at the wheel, by simply setting your phone on the Qi wireless charging mat, and keeping your smartphone topped off wherever your day takes you.  

FreedomCharge turns vehicle storage trays into a wireless phone charger for an Qi enabled smartphone.  A hardwired, seamless installation provides you with a clean, cable-free way to maintain a fully charged phone at all times.

  • Same technology the OEMs have adopted for wireless in-car phone charging.
  • Custom-fit solutions seamlessly integrate with the vehicle's interior
  •  A hard-wired connection to the vehicle's power supply means no unsightly cords to get tangled.
  •  Allows users to keep their phone conveniently charged while battery intensive applications are running in the background.

     Kit includes:

     - Wireless in-vehicle charger

     - Wireless home charger

     - Installation

     Must purchase in addition:

     - Wireless charging sleeve or USB charging coil for your smartphone.  See phone compatibility guide here